Building Successful Partnerships

Integrated Sales Partners delivers advanced selling solutions to companies that are challenged to overcome low generation of new sales due to internal, system-oriented obstacles. Clients turn to Integrated Sales Partners for the expertise and support that allows their company to focus efforts on growing new business through increased profitable sales. With each client, the Integrated Sales Partners approach is team-focused and steadfast in its objective to provide successful, long-term solutions.

Prospecting for New Business

Through strategic telemarketing and e-mail campaigns, we work with companies to create call strategies, objectives, and contact management plans to generate sales leads, appointments, and opportunities for sales. This allows us to systematically cultivate accounts to increase the quantity and quality of new business opportunities.

Coaching Your Processes

Improving your sales success begins with decision making. We offer guidance to help you choose the right path for your sales management processes such as implementing opportunity management systems that will give you a clearer understanding of how to effectively reach your target audience. 

Measuring and Managing Results

Tangible sales processes integrated with sales automation can be measured and managed for constant improvement. We at Integrated Sales Partners take managing your sales opportunities a step further by not only implementing initial results measurement and management goals, but also by continuously tracking and evaluating your sales opportunities.

Joining Your Sales Team

Becoming successful in a sales position is dependent on several factors including knowledge, experience, and confidence pertaining to selling a given product or service. An effective way to build upon these factors and therefore improve sales success is to work collaboratively and be open to learning new tools and skills. We work with you to define the qualities of sales leadership and how leadership shown by other members of the sales team can elevate the overall performance of your business.