One of today’s biggest challenges for almost any type of business is effectively reaching new customers. An even more difficult challenge is finding prospects in your target market that will become long-term customers. We can help you meet these challenge.

Integrated Sales Partners works collaboratively with your sales team. We integrate our systems and resources with your current objectives for a seamless approach to locating and managing new sales. We provide you with consistent and predictable opportunities that will increase your new customer sales while keeping costs low.

Our Knowledge

Throughout our 20 years of experience, we have found that businesses can be more successful in sales efforts if the following steps are employed:

  • operate with a clearly defined sale processes.
  • have substantial information describing prospect accounts.
  • boost marketing efforts as a result of accurate buyer contact information.
  • have consistent or planned call objectives.
  • make prospect calling a top priority.
  • employ significant systems to manage productivity or performance.

Integrated Sales Partners can help increase your new customer sales while keeping costs low.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you increase new sales, improve sales productivity, and maintain a consistently full sales pipeline. We are committed to helping by doing the following:

  • providing a trained and experienced team dedicated to helping you find new customers that meet your ideal customer profile.
  • delivering a systematic and automated new business development methodology that works seamlessly with your current objectives.
  • Helping you target ideal prospects based on customer profile criteria, minimizing time spent seeking business from customers that may not be a fit for your business.
  • developing accurate buyer contact information to support marketing efforts.
  • offering proven telephone prospecting tactics and strategies that will help strengthen your overall sales efforts.
  • Presenting quantifiable results that can be measured and managed for continuous improvement.